2019 Autocad– R.I.P. FBXIMPORT

Sorry to go fairly dark for a while, but  I think Andy said it best. “Being asked to accomplish seemingly impossible goals on a regular basis is just what we do, but these days it feels more like trying to rewrite the first 3 laws of physics”.  I am sure that isn’t an exact quote, […]

Autocad PDF Binder Utility

Hello again, as you know I have been playing with PDF API’s quite a bit lately and came upon a situation where I needed to make a ton of small PDF binders. I was able to grab and organize all of the files into individual folders using lisp quite efficiently, but ultimately I didn’t have […]

NavisWorks .Net ExecuteCommand() Method

As I told you guys a while ago, I had a personal goal to put a keyboard shortcut interface back into Navisworks. That command line project isn’t quite done yet, but I wanted to share the backbone of the system. To make my project viable, I had figured out what the ExecuteCommand method actually did. […]