Using the Revit API’s Idle Event

I’ve been digging into the Revit API a lot lately. I am not a Revit true-believer yet, but I give credit where its due and so far the Revit API has been quite impressive. It is lacking a lot of things, but generally you can work around them one way or another. One such pain […]

HOB Lisp Explorer

Today I present another long awaited free utility that should help fellow lisper’s better utilize their Lisp libraries. For those of us who have have written many thousands of lines and often find it easier to start from scratch than locate something we worked on 2 or 3 years ago; this tool is for you! […]

Autocad PDF Binder Utility

Hello again, as you know I have been playing with PDF API’s quite a bit lately and came upon a situation where I needed to make a ton of small PDF binders. I was able to grab and organize all of the files into individual folders using lisp quite efficiently, but ultimately I didn’t have […]