Marquee Theater – Static-X

I realize this is a technical blog, but I refuse to participate in “facebook” and various other social media sites; So, this is my only outlet… With that said, I am going to deviate and review the super unique concert experience I just had. Note, I have a really nice “lisp management” utility getting posted soon that should be quite life changing for those of us who have to deal with thousands of lines of lisp on a regular basis….

Tonight was the kickoff of the Static-X 20th anniversary tour. Their first tour date was amazingly in my home state of Arizona @ the Marquee Theater. Which is truly one of the best venues in Arizona. Large enough to attract some decent talent, but small enough they couldn’t produce a “bad” show if they tried. I do believe having a bar every 50 feet is a great bonus too though!

At the end of 2014 it was made public that Wayne Static died . With that, an important part of my roots died too. Speaking as someone who has experienced Static-X about a dozen times, tonight was a honestly a big night for me! I very nearly skipped it to work on some programming, but I couldn’t be more glad that I didn’t do that. The show was hands down everything I could have hoped it would be! For those of you that have seen Wayne live, then you already know he was quite entertaining; he consistently captivated audiences with a good show, energetic music and his mysterious presence…  I currently have no idea who is “representing” Wayne and I honestly don’t care!! He’s doing absolutely everything right and your a fool if you chose to miss this show when it comes to your state!

The opener was a band named Raven Black and it was quite interesting. For the most part they were a death metal band (not my thing) with a female singer. Not entirely unique, but still very interesting all the same. I missed the next band [Wednesday13] because I was hanging out with some people on the patio, but their ambient sounds didn’t really make me care enough to head back in. Edit: I did check out their music on my way home from work today and probably should have gone to check them out; they’ve got a good sound…

After them it was Dope.

I am a Dope fan and I think they are one of the more underrated bands in existence… However, the set they played did leave a LOT to be desired. This right here is actually the single biggest reason I believe Edsel may in fact be the new Wayne. Couple that with the fact that Edsel is actually a very good and dynamic singer, then it all makes sense. They did put on a totally kickass show, but it was quite short and left me feeling a bit cheated. What they did do certainly left an impression on the my companions though. They had never heard of Dope, but all of them seem to “get it” by the time the set was done. So, ultimately they did a great job of hitting the bar I’d set and made some new fans tonight.

After Dope came Devil Driver. They were awesome, but  I am not overly familiarly with them and my companion that was said he preferred their studio music. Since this isn’t my thing, I’ll just say I found it entertaining.

After an intermission, Static X takes the stage…

They played over half of the Wisconsin death trip album. Including some stuff I honestly didn’t expect, but I was super happy to get that experience. I really can’t say that I was trying all that hard to “figure out” who Wayne was. It was just all so kick ass that I got right into it and I didn’t even care!!  I hung out after the show and got a few moments with Campos (thanks for coming to see your people bro!!) and I told him the same thing I am going to tell you. I hope they keep it a secret forever, because it doesn’t matter, and whoever it was absolutely did Wayne justice!!! I couldn’t have possibly expected more than what I received! Absolutely everything hurts as I am typing this, but it was all worth it….

You should probably get their quite early if you want merchandise. The line was literally from the booth all the way to the stage by the time I got through the door. Which seemed to be relatively consistent for the entire night. There was a Devil Driver booth, but unfortunately they “grouped” the dope stuff into the Static-X booth and I couldn’t get reasonable access to either of them. I’ll be watching ebay for one of the shirts I saw that wasn’t on their official store; that’s for sure….

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